Sarah Palin has some advice for Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain, who is battling sexual harassment allegations and losing support in the polls.

“He needs to be candid and quite truthful about these sexual allegations still because people are kind of hesistant a bit to delve right in there as supporters not knowing what the truth is,” Palin said in an interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News Tuesday night.

“If these sexual harassment allegations are false, then Herman Cain at that end of the day is gonna take a deep breath and say where does one go to get back their reputation after such allegations have been lobbed if they’re not true.”

Palin, who opted out of making her own White House bid, said that she herself had been falsely accused of having an affair, and it “really sucks.” But she added that Cain would not fare well if it was revealed that accusations were true.

“If they are true, if he disrespects women, then we are gonna cross him off the list. Herrman Cain just needs to answer candidly the questions that are still being posed of him, and Herman too needs to really concentrate on the substance that is necessary when it comes to the solutions to America’s challenge. People are waiting on that substance.”

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