DENVER, Colo. -- Paul Ryan will hold his first fundraisers for the Romney campaign here Monday evening, two days after being tapped to serve as the GOP vice-presidential nominee.

According to a Romney campaign aide, the two fundraisers will be held at private homes in the Denver area.

A total of 170 tickets were sold, with seats going for $2,500, $10,000 and $25,000. More than 75 attendees are expected at the larger of the two receptions.

The pair of fundraisers comes hours after Romney’s first solo apearance in Des Moines, Iowa -- an event that served as a raucous introduction to the national stage.

Ryan -- who appeared unruffled by the protesters earlier in the day -- seemed in good spirits as he left his campaign plane in Denver and walked across the tarmac, carrying his own dark-brown leather briefcase.

He gave a quick smile and wave to supporters before hopping into an SUV and onward to the fundraising events.

On Tuesday morning, he is expected to headline a rally at a high school in Lakewood before heading off to Las Vegas for a second campaign event.