Mitt Romney will take Wednesday off, one day after he picked up 88 delegates in the Texas primary -- enough to cinch the Republican presidential nomination.

Meanwhile, President Obama will hold meetings at the White House and later a reception in honor of National Jewish Heritage month and the first lady will continue to promote her new book, “American Grown,” with an appearance on “Live! with Kelly.”

This image released by ABC shows host Robin Roberts, right, looking on as first lady Michelle Obama talks with students from PS 102 and 107 from the Brooklyn borough of New York, on "Good Morning America," Tuesday, May 29, 2012 in New York. (Ida Mae Astute/AP)

Wednesday, May 30 (All times ET)

Obama campaign

10:30 a.m. President Obama attends an annual hurricane preparedness briefing

11:40 a.m. Obama signs the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank

5 p.m. Obama hosts a Jewish American Heritage Month reception

No public events scheduled for Vice President Biden

Romney campaign

No public events scheduled

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Nia-Malika Henderson and Philip Rucker: Romney and his allies opened a multi-pronged attack Tuesday on Obama’s stewardship of taxpayer dollars, as Romney won the Texas primary and clinched the Republican presidential nomination.

Robert Barnes: After much prayer and two failed attempts to get the Louisiana legislature to change a law that prevents a monastery in Louisiana from selling caskets, the monks went to federal court.

On the Fix: If Romney cresting the delegate threshold Tuesday in Texas amounted to the formal end of one chapter of the presidential race, the next 89 days — between today and Aug. 27, when the Republican National Convention opens in Tampa, Florida — represent the next chapter.

The Fact Checker has been highly skeptical of most of the attacks on Bain by the Obama campaign, arguing on numerous occasions that the overall record of the investment firm is pretty good. But the point of private equity is to reward investors, not necessarily create jobs, which is where Romney’s defenders create problems for themselves. So now Romney is citing Bain’s claim that 80 percent of their investments grew their revenues. Is that the case?

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