Many of Mitt Romney’s senior campaign aides and advisers are decamping to New York on Wednesday for a day of fundraising calls at a midtown law firm.

Campaign manager Matt Rhoades, pollster Neil Newhouse and a coterie of other officials in Romney’s Boston-based campaign plan to spend the day with roughly 100 of Romney’s top fundraisers. They will call hundreds of prospective supporters across the country to ask for donations, according to a senior member of Romney’s finance team.

The campaign’s “call day” will take place at the Fifth Avenue offices of Weil Gotshal, where the campaign is renting a room that the finance source likened to a gymnasium and is turning it into a call center.

Rhoades, Newhouse and other aides will brief the fundraisers gathered in New York about the campaign’s strategy and fresh polling. And when the calling begins, the campaign advisers will be present to speak personally with prospective donors.

“As you’re calling donors, you can say, ‘I’ve got the campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, here and he’d like to talk to you,’ and Matt can communicate some of the excitement of the race. People love that. It’s a great fundraising technique,” said the finance official, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to publicly discuss the campaign’s fundraising activities.

The Romney campaign has held similar call days in the past, including one in Las Vegas in May 2011, shortly before he officially launched his campaign. More than 700 supporters gathered at the Las Vegas Convention Center and raised $10.25 million from donors across the country, according to the campaign.