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The Washington Post

Eight Senate Democrats joined with Republicans in voting against the nominee.

The Justice Department is apparently still looking into Rep. Micheal Grimm (R-N.Y.).

In a separate case, Justice will also join in a challenge to the state's GOP-drawn redistricting plans.

Holder didn't take a position on whether the Justice Department should file civil rights charges against George Zimmerman .

House Republicans have opened a perjury inquiry, arguing that Holder's statement didn't match Justice Department's actions.

Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday brushed aside questions about when he might step down, suggesting he will do so when he's too tired to continue or when he's accomplished his goals.

Former congressman Allen West (R-Fla.), who is no stranger to bold claims, may have outdone himself.

President Obama, who has long enjoyed strong marks when it comes to his personal integrity, has lost a little mojo in light of recent scandals and controversies.

Sen. Rand Paul said that President Obama is “losing the moral authority to lead this nation” because of three scandals that have erupted in recent weeks.

The president says gathering journalist phone records are part of protecting U.S. national security interests

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