The Washington Post

The president sought to frame his signature legislative achievement as a success in the face of GOP attacks.

Harvard University and its law school reached a settlement Friday with the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights, pledging to revise its sexual harassment and sexual assault policies.

In the wake of the Ebola outbreak, international health officials came to the White House to develop a global health security strategy.

Referring to dismissed-NFL player Ray Rice, White House press secretary said a "real man" would not hit a woman

President Obama tries out a self-driving car simulator, as he makes the pitch for more transportation infrastructure funding.

Obama replaces Jay Carney as White House spokesman

President delays much-anticipated immigration review in hopes of a legislative solution.

White House press secretary Jay Carney's daughter was among the children playing at Friendship Park.

Obamas release annual report on personal financial assets

The move is part of broader push to move forward on smaller immigration measure in lieu of congressional action.

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