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An ad urging same-sex couples to enroll under Obamacare debuts in Illinois this weekend.

The White House made formal veto threats Wednesday against House bills that would allow the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and change a key mandate under the Affordable Care Act.

"You don't want to not have health care and have something broken or something pop," he said.

The hearing featured several terse exchanges which highlighted Gruber's lighting rod role.

The former secretary is talking about her tenure and the latest Obamacare controversy.

Jonathan Turley will be the third lawyer in as many months for the proposed suit.

The applications came on the first day of the Affordable Care Act's second enrollment period.

The comments were made during the panel sessions at the Annual Health Economics Conference last year.

There's little evidence Obamacare's becoming a central Democratic talking point heading into the fall campaign.

Obama isn't the first president who has been sued, and some past cases have redefined the presidency

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