The Washington Post

Senior Democratic senators express support for Obama's forthcoming executive action on immigration.

For now, at least, a small band of Democrats is going to try securing changes in procedure before backing him again.

Minnesota senator said she spent Election Day working the phones, speaking primarily with GOP colleagues who are eager to cut deals.

Another big quarter for the U.S. Senate hopeful in Georgia.

Once again Democrats and Republicans are fighting over the rules, possibly upending carefully-orchestrated plans to avoid another government shutdown.

Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.) says the personal and financial costs of sending troops back would be too great and that Iraqis need to defend their own country.

Senate responds to overtures by team owners, who have called their name "respectful" towards Native Americans.

The Senate leader again defends the president's decision to swap five terrorism detainees for a captive Army sergeant.

Hall, 91, becomes first incumbent defeated in a primary this year. He is the oldest member of Congress and one of the last World War II veterans on Capitol Hill.

The nominee had faced resistance due to Obama administration's policy on drone strikes against Americans suspected of terrorism.

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