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The Washington Post

Speaker signals he's with his colleagues concerned that the president will use executive powers to revamp the nation's immigration laws.

The incumbent's daughter takes to Facebook, and the challenger responds in kind. (But not kindly.)

Once again Democrats and Republicans are fighting over the rules, possibly upending carefully-orchestrated plans to avoid another government shutdown.

Republicans blast White House for failing to address the deteriorating situation in Iraq.

First-term senator had been out of town since undergoing emergency heart surgery in late April.

The Senate leader again defends the president's decision to swap five terrorism detainees for a captive Army sergeant.

Kentucky senator weighs in on McConnell's support and about his own upcoming travels.

Proposal emphasizes allowing eligible veterans to seek treatment outside the VA system, if needed.

Senator underwent emergency surgery in late April.

Meeting comes amid concerns about two of Obama's picks to serve on federal courts.

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