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The former secretary of state urges "citizen action" to bring attention to the cuts in research funding and the consequences it will cause.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough met Thursday with about a dozen Senate Republicans in hopes of charting a path toward a potential budget deal, but aides cautioned that the session was mostly informational and unlikely to produce significant progress.

Speaker quotes from a book about Lincoln's service in Congress.

Stopgap budget keeps furloughs, pay freeze for federal workers

Sequestration may end up dooming the Easter Egg Roll this year--but probably not.

The president suggests the sequester might have claims his host's chairs.

Why doesn't Rep. Tom Cole -- and other Republicans willing to negotiate with the White House -- know who to talk to?

"We're cutting spending, which we need to do," Blumenthal says.

Senate Democrats prepare their own measure to fund government.

House Budget Committee chairman and former GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan told reporters Wednesday that he had received a call from the president this week.

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