Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of engineering at Google Inc., in May. (David Paul Morris/BLOOMBERG)

Both platforms are steadily chipping away at the leader, Nokia’s Symbian, which fell to 38 percent market share from 54 percent in the previous year.

Android has already passed iOS in market share in the United States, largely because it is used on smartphones from a variety of manufacturers. It grew just over 16 percent in the same period of time, while Apple’s iOS platform for the iPhone grew only 1 percent.

RIM, which also saw a 1 percent gain, and Microsoft rounded out the top five platforms.

Apple may see more growth in the next quarter, as it is preparing to release its next iPhone model.

The UK, France and Germany had the largest numbers of Android users. The report also found that HTC and Samsung produce nearly two-thirds of the phones for Google’s Android platform in the top five markets.