Lulz Security, better known now as the group that hacked servers at Sony and PBS, has taken to its Twitter feed to taunt the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the wake of a major cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music.

The group’s site is registered in the Bahamas, according to the Internet domain registration database WHOIS.

LulzSec also said that it has received some funding from supporters who want to see it continue its work.

By the way, we’ve received $110 in BitCoin donations and we just used some of it to buy a server with which to own things from. Badass, huh?Fri Jun 03 15:12:52 via webThe Lulz Boat

On Thursday, LulzSec posted information taken from Sony’s databases showing the usernames and passwords of about one million users, and said that Sony’s security was so bad that it was no challenge to take the information.

“Hey, innocent people whose data we leaked: blame Sony,” it said in a Twitter message.

The Associated Press confirmed with individuals listed in the database that the information posted was current and accurate.

Sony has said that it is looking into the group’s claims.