LulzSec, the group that claimed credit for hacks on PBS and Sony’s music site in Japan, has said it will release a “large cache of compromised internal Sony data” this afternoon.

Releasing mediafire/pastebin/torrent link to a large cache of compromised internal @Sony data in exactly 4 hours. #SownageThu Jun 02 15:51:30 via webThe Lulz Boat

The group has been taunting Sony for more than a week via its Twitter account, saying that it has been “making off with a bunch” of its internal data without the company noticing. LulzSec has said it wants to embarrass Sony, which has suffered multiple hacks on subsidiary sites since the highly publicized breach on its PlayStation Network.

The group is not believed to be involved in the Sony breaches that resulted in 77 million user accounts being compromised in April, and has denied that it has ever attacked the PlayStation Network.