Motorola and Huawei issued a joint statement Wednesday morning announcing an end to their feud over sharing trade secrets.

The former partners said they will settle all pending litigation between their companies, given certain conditions.

Huawei agreed to withdraw its complaints against Motorola and Nokia Siemens. That suit sought to block Motorola from selling its wireless business to Nokia Siemens Networks. Huawei said it had developed much of Motorola’s wireless technology, and would be hurt if the technology was given to its competitor.

Motorola will withdraw its claims that Huawei was stealing Motorola trade secrets through a dummy corporation.

“We regret that these disputes have occurred between our two companies. Motorola Solutions values the long-standing relationship we have had with Huawei. After reviewing the facts, we decided to resolve these matters and return to our traditional relationship of confidence and trust,” said Greg Brown, president & CEO of Motorola Solutions in a statement.

Guo Ping, vice chairman of the board and executive vice president of Huawei, also expressed hope that settlement will let the companies move forward as partners.

“With the resolution of these cases, and the misunderstandings put to rest, Huawei is pleased to move forward with its efforts to provide innovative solutions to its customers,” he said in a statement.