The Federal Trade Commission is ready to subpoena Google in relation to an antitrust investigation into the search behemoth, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Citing unnamed “people familiar with the matter,” the report said that the commission will send Google the subpoenas within days, and will also request information from other companies that have had dealings with the company at a later date.

Google is under investigation in Europe for antitrust concerns after other search companies complained that Google buries their sites because they are competing companies. In April, Microsoft filed a complaint with the European Commission claiming that Google restricts competing engines’ YouTube searches.

The Journal report said that the FTC has been making inquiries into Google’s business practices for months and that officials have met with Google’s lawyers several times.

On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that Google may also face subpoenas from the U.S. Senate, which has asked the company to send a top-level executive to testify in front of a panel looking into its business practices.