The Senate Commerce, Science and Technology Committee will consider on Thursday the renomination of the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission and new nominees to the Federal Communications Commission.

In an executive session on Dec. 8, committee members will vote to confirm FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz and FCC nominees Ajit Pai and Jessica Rosenworcel. President Obama’s nominees are all widely supported by lawmakers and are expected to pass the committee votes and head to a full Senate vote as early as next week.

The nominations may run into a wall at the full Senate floor, however, as Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa.) has vowed to put a hold on the confirmations of Pai and Rosenworcel. He has said the FCC has not responded to his request for documents related to the handling of LightSquared’s mobile licenses. Grassley has vowed to put a hold on the nominees until the FCC agrees to hand over documents related to an investigation into the agency’s handling of a controversial January 2011 waiver.