The Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing Wednesday on Internet privacy and security, with witnesses representing the White House, the Federal Trade Commission and the Web industry.

The hearing will be held by the full Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. Several Internet privacy bills have come under consideration by Congress, and recent data breaches have raised concerns over the protection of personal information online.

The hearing will take place at 10 a.m. and will include the following witnesses:

-FTC Commissioner Julie Brill

-Commerce Department General Counsel Cameron F. Kerry, who helped create the White House’s recommendations for online privacy

-Federal Communications Commission General Counsel Austin Schlick

-Hewlett-Packard Chief Privacy Officer Scott Taylor

-Consumer Data Industry Association President Stuart Pratt

-Consumers Union Counsel Ioana Rusu

-Sony Network Entertainment International President Tim Schaaff

-Technology Policy Institute President Thomas Lenard

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