The new Galaxy S III smartphone, produced by Samsung Electronics Co., is displayed for attendees during the global launch event in London last week. (Chris Ratcliffe/BLOOMBERG)

They have used their devices to immediately search for information to settle an argument, according to a report released Monday by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

And in a heated dinner conversation over Obama’s healthcare record, men are more likely to reach for their iPhone or Droid to prove their point, according to the study.

Of all mobile consumers, which include smartphone and basic cell phones, 31 percent of men have used their device to settle a disagreement over a one month period. Just 22 percent of women do the same. The percentages grow for smartphone users.

Other findings from the Just-in-time Information Through Mobile Connections Report:

-19 percent say they have used their mobile device in an emergency situation.

-30 percent use their device to decide on restaurants and to visit other retailers.

-20 percent say they look up up-to-the-minute traffic information.

-41 percent use their devices to coordinate a meeting.


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