Spotify has made it easy for users to listen in private again. (David Paul Morris/BLOOMBERG)

The company built in an option similar to “private browsing” that now keeps the program from sharing updates on Facebook. Users who chose to integrate their Spotify and Facebook accounts had only been able to control when updates were published through the social network’s privacy controls.

“We’re rolling out a new client as we speak where you can temporarily hide your guilty pleasures,” wrote Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek in a Twitter message Thursday. Ek has been fielding complaints from customers who are unhappy about the company’s recent decision to require new users to have a Facebook account to log in to the service. Existing users can still use their Spotify credentials.

Installing an update of the program adds the option to users’ “File” menu under the name “private listening.” Users who have integrated their Facebook and Spotify accounts using the new mode will not have updates published to the social network until their next log-in, the company said in an official statement.