Teens and cellphone use: Many U.S. teens say they are addicted to social media and texting and often want to unplug. But they feel positive overall about how social media sites such as Facebook and text messaging have helped them connect with friends and family, The Washington Post reported

In the report called “Social Media, Social Life: How Teens View Their Digital Lives,” Common Sense Media found that most adolescent respondents felt social media was beneficial.

Cellphone Internet use: A new study from the Pew Center for Internet and American Life found that 55 percent of cellphone owners use their phones to go online, and that 88 percent of all American adults have a cellphone of some kind. For some, a cellphone is the only way they can access the Internet, the study said, with nearly a third - 31 percent -- saying that they did not use computers or laptops to do so.

Younger adults, in the 18-29 range, used their phones to access the Web, and twice as many black adults said they used their phone as their primary Internet device, when compared to white adults.

Facebook faces email backlash: Facebook is facing another backlash from users after it began to change the default e-mail addresses on user profiles to "@facebook.com" addresses. 

Facebook told CNNMoney the change has been rolling out for "a few weeks." 

Meredith Chin, Facebook's manager of product communications, told CNN that the change is meant to make contact on the site more consistent for all users. Those who do not want the Facebook address displayed may change their settings to show the address they prefer. 

T-Mobile, Verizon deal: Verizon Wireless’s spectrumdeal with T-Mobile is being viewed favorably by federal regulators, increasing Verizon’s chances of getting a separate deal with cable firms approved, according to people familiar with the thinking of government officials, The Washington Post reported.