LEADING THE DAY: Apple is facing international scrutiny over a file on the iPhone that stores time-stamped location data. Bloomberg reported Monday that Apple will face an investigation from the Korean Communications Commission over the file. According to the report, the commission has asked Apple why and how often the data is stored, whether users have the option to delete it and whether the company saves the data on its own servers.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the iPhone will collect data even when location services are turned off. Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) called for Congress to investigate Apple and Google data practices in a statement issued Saturday.

Google told the Journal on Friday that location data it collects is opt-in, though not by default, and anonymized.

Netflix earnings call today: Netflix is reporting its results for the quarter today, and analysts expect the company to overtake Comcast in subscriptions, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Netflix has been on a roll lately, making competitors nervous after acquiring the rights to its own original show as well as to popular shows such as Mad Men.

Google focuses on mobile search: After figuring out how to optimize mobile search, Google is still figuring out the best way to mon­etize it, the New York Times reported. A Google mobile search employee, Scott B. Huffman, told the Times that mobile search will definitely “surpass desktop search.”

Apple may be testing iPhone for T-Mobile: The tech site Boy Genius Report claims to have a leaked version of an iPhone for T-Mobile’s network. The site says Apple is currently testing the handset on T-Mobile’s network in the United States.

Facebook town hall draws over a million views: According to statistics from Facebook, the site logged over 1.6 million live and on-demand views for President Barack Obama’s town hall last Wednesday. The event was part of Obama’s larger tour of the country to talk about the budget and raise money for his reelection campaign.