FTC to crackdown on text message scams: The Federal Trade Commission is going to announce a “nationwide crackdown” on text message scams Thursday, which will include a series of enforcement actions the agency said are designed to protect consumers from these kinds of crimes.

Text message scammers often pose as banks and other legitimate businesses, and trick consumers into sending personal information over SMS

The announcement will come from the agency’s office in Chicago; its acting director of consumer protection, Charles Harwood, will attend.

BSA releases cloud computing study: BSA - The Software Alliance released a report Thursday outlining the landscape of cloud computing across the globe and reporting that some legislation in some countries had made them less friendly to cloud computing.

Japan, Australia and the United States led the group’s rankings for the most friendly environments for cloud computing. This is the second year the group has conducted the study, meaning 2013 was the first year the group could track year-over-year changes.

Nations such as Vietnam and Thailand slipped in the rankings, due to laws that require companies to build physical data centers in those countries to participate in cloud computing infrastructure.The six European Union countries included in the report also slipped.

Robert Holleyman, the group’s president, said that legislation on privacy and security doesn’t have to impede the expansion of cloud computing, but that legislation can be problematic.

“We have to ensure the data can continue to flow between the U.S. and the E.U.,” Holleyman said. “ Those [markets] lead the way for the rest of the world.”

Apple wins British patent suit: Apple has won a patent suit against Samsung in a British court, Bloomberg reported, with a judge invalidating Samsung patents on technology that let phones send and receive information on 3G networks.

Samsung spokeswoman Nam Ki Yung told Bloomberg that the company was disappointed by the ruling and was considering whether or not to appeal.

Samsung and Apple have filed several lawsuits against each other around the world over intellectual property, expanding their marketplace rivalry into the courts.

Facebook set to redesign news feed: Facebook is set to unveil a new look for its news feed, making changes to a key feature of the social network that could have serious implications for its users and advertisers.

 The company hasn’t released any official information apart from the fact that it’s offering a “new look for the news feed,” but rumor has it that the company will give users several easy ways to sort through the news feed by the type of post they want to see, according to a report from TechCrunch.

Analysts also expect the company will make the news feed more visually focused. Since the news feed was launched in 2006, Facebook has consistently changed its design to make items such as photos, maps and videos more prominent — important changes to make as more users visit the site from smaller screens on mobile devices.