LEADING THE DAY: Google’s offices in South Korea were raided on Tuesday as part of an investigation into how the company collects location data, the Associated Press reported. Police said that Google has allegedly been collecting private information on the location of smartphone users without consent through AdMob, according to Reuters.

Daum Communications, the country’s second-largest online portal service, was also raided, AP said.

Google has faced scrutiny in South Korea before, and is under fire around the world for its mobile tracking efforts. The company will testify at a Senate hearing on mobile privacy on May 10.

Twitter, TweetDeck: TechCrunch reported that Twitter has acquired TweetDeck, a popular Twitter client, for about $40-$50 million. Neither company has announced the acquisition, which has been rumored a long time. TweetDeck was also reportedly in talks with UberMedia, another company that produces Twitter clients, which reportedly had a $30 million offer and a 30-day window of exclusivity on the deal, that expired after negotiations took longer than expected.

The acquisition is seen as a largely defensive move on Twitter’s part to keep the marketshare of its official Twitter clients.

Sony reveals second breach: Sony revealed that a second online gaming network has been breached. The Sony Online Entertainment division, which offers subscription-based online games, was attacked on April 16 and 17, and the company believes more than 24.6 million accounts may have been compromised, as well as thousands of credit card numbers from an older database.

FCC to testify Thursday: Federal Communications Chairman Julius Genachowski and Commissioner Robert McDowell will testify at a House hearing on net neutrality and antitrust Thursday.

The House voted to overturn the FCC’s net neutrality rules last month.

AT&T begins offering daily deals: AT&T will launch a daily deals site next month, Bloomberg reported, through its yellowpages.com subsidiary. The program has already started registering customers for the deals site, offering a $10 credit toward the first deal of the day.

The program will start in Los Angeles, Atlanta and the Dallas Fort-Worth area.