LEADING THE DAY: The House will vote on Rep. Greg Walden’s (R-Ore.) resolution to repeal the Federal Communication Commission’s rules on net neutrality Thursday. The resolution to disapprove of the FCC’s rules was passed through the House Energy and Commerce Committee last month.

On Monday, the administration released a statement that indicated President Obama will veto the measure if it comes to him.

FCC to vote on data roaming: The FCC will vote Thursday on data roaming rules that would let consumers access the Internet anywhere in the nation, even in areas where their mobile provider does not have cell coverage.

Google faces new regulations: The Washington Post reported that Google is facing “new regulatory realities” after years of operating without major government intervention. The report said that the Justice Department could make a decision about Google’s proposed acquisition of the travel software firm ITA within a week or so; others have said the negotiations may take more time.

The negotiations are a key way for Google co-founder and new CEO Larry Page to prove himself, after taking over from former CEO Eric Schmidt on Monday.

Facebook may launch “Deals” today: Facebook is reportedly making a big announcement today to the press, and many are expecting the social network to launch its own coupon service, Facebook Deals. Business Insider and The Next Web have reported there are rumors that Facebook will launch its shopping site this week.

Last month, Bloomberg reported that Facebook would start its coupon program in Atlanta, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas and Austin, something Facebook’s Deals page confirms.

Google’s Rubin defends Android’s openness:Google head of mobile software Andy Rubin took to the Android Developers blog on Wednesday to defend against accusations that Android is limiting developers. In recent weeks, Google has moved to decrease fragmentation and announced it will not immediately make its Honeycomb version of Android open source. Rubin said that developers have always agreed to non-fragmentation measures.

Android continues to gain users in the mobile world. On Wednesday, All Things Digital reported that HTC, which makes many Android phones, has passed Nokia in market cap.