Viacom and Time Warner have asked a New York judge to decide whether streaming content on the iPad breaks the cable company’s programming agreements.

Last week, Time Warner pulled 11 channels from its iPad app after Viacom, Fox and Discovery threatened to sue the cable company for streaming their content over an app on Apple’s iPad.

The cable company took down the channels in questions, though it added 28 more to the app in the following days.

On its company blog, Time Warner was clear to point out that this is not a hostile lawsuit, just one to seek clarification. The cable company is “very confident in our rights to distribute” the shows over its infrastructure into subscribers’s homes.

Viacom, clearly, begs to differ. The media company’s suit asks for a court order to keep Time Warner from putting the channels back onto the iPad and, the Associate Press reported, said it cannot let Time Warner “unilaterally change the terms of its contractual relationship.” Viacom has also asked for $2 million for each violation of the companies’ contract and unspecified damages.

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