Todd Park, named Friday by the Obama administration to succeed Aneesh Chopra as the nation’s new chief technology officer, has served for three years as CTO for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, where he was oversaw the launch of

According to a 2010 report from Politico, Park rose through the ranks of the health tech startup sphere, and founded a Web-based medical billing company called Athenahealth in 1997.

He graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard College with a degree in economics. Before serving at HHS, Park focused on health care issues while working at the Center for American Progress, Ashoka, and as a consultant with Booz Allen & Hamilton.

He has earned a reputation for working to revolutionize the health care industry — a 2011 Atlantic profile reported that he was recruited by the HHS to be its “entrepreneur in residence.”

Park will also take on the duties of the Office of Science and Technolgy Policy’s associate director for technology, according to a blog post from OSTP director John Holdren. Park will work closely with the deputy chief technology officer for telecommunications, Tom Power.

Park’s predecessor, Chopra , the first-ever national chief technology officer, announced his resignation in January after serving since 2009. Many speculated that Chopra stepped down to run for statewide office in Virginia, The Washington Post reported.