U.S. lawmakers on Thursday introduced a resolution to fight against any international efforts to put regulations on the Internet.

The move supports efforts by State Department officials and Silicon Valley giants to prevent the United Nations from becoming the regulatory body for the Internet.

In December, U.N. members will vote on an update of a 1988 communications treaty and consider proposals from Russia, China and Arab states to extend oversight to the Internet.

The bipartisan resolution, introduced by House Energy and Commerce members, won’t have a direct affect on the December vote, but what it does is strengthen opposition from the U.S. to the Internet regulatory proposals.

Here’s our story in today’s paper about the issues:

By Cecilia Kang

U.S. officials and high-tech business giants have launched an assault against what they view as a massive threat to the Internet and to Silicon Valley’s bottom lines: foreign governments.

In a congressional hearing Thursday, they will warn lawmakers of a growing movement led by China, Russia and some Arab states to hand more control of the Web to the United Nations and place rules on the Internet that the U.S. companies say would empower governments to clamp down on civil rights and free speech.

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