The men-only membership policy at Augusta National Golf Club has once again come under scrutiny this year, with chairman Billy Payne declining to address whether the club will admit a female member when asked before the tournament.

It’s an old debate, but it’s been given new life since tournament sponsor IBM has a new, female CEO, Virginia Rometty.

Post columnist Thomas Boswell addressed the issue in his Masters live chat.

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Reader “Tubarus (@Tubarus)”: “I’m actually not surprised Augusta National is still bigoted. It wasn’t that long ago.”

Thomas Boswell: “I sit in a row of Brit writers. I asked one at random what they thought about the Masters ability to flunk a different Sociology Exam every year __never technically “wrong,” but always making themselves look ridiculous and petty.My Brit, who’s a vet, said: “I long ago came to the conclussion that Augusta National was a complete dung heap of prejudicial values. But they just happen to put on the best golf tournament on earth. So here I am again. Hardly the high moral ground.”They say these thi9ngs off the top of their heads and often without benefit of coffee. Quite remarkable. And they put up with my tendency to hum on deadline.”

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While he’s no Thomas Boswell, another big name addressed the issue on Thursday. President Obama supports admitting women members to the all-male club, a spokeman said.

So, is it time for a female member at Augusta National? Tell us what you think.

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