Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison. (Scott Olson/GETTY IMAGES)

What do you think of the sentence? Is it too harsh, too lenient, or appropriate to his crimes?

What are readers saying?

Here’s a look at some of the most recommended comments about Blagojevich’s sentence. Do you agree with these readers?

He was a bad and corrupt governor and a longer prison sentence is necessary so other elected officlals will not follow him. Corrupt politicians should never be elected!

— ccysr

Bravo, justice served! Now if only this kind of doggedness would be applied to myriad other politicians and the crooks and shysters on Wall Street we might get somewhere. But with a virtually absentee Eric Holder, I’m not holding my breath.

— lindsaycurren

Prison terms for Blagojevich and Jack Johnson - it’s a start! Maybe there is hope yet for political integrity in our country.

— nan_lynn