This poll was suggested by a reader, who sent in the following post from a message group:

“I’m ugly. How do I proceed? I’m 20, female, and legitimately unattractive. My nose is huge and bumpy, my eyes and lips are disproportionate (huge eyes, small but fat lips), and much of my skin is covered in stretch marks from growing way too fast when I was 13....I’m just not very pleasant to look at. I feel really bad about myself. I don’t know how to put it without sounding corny, but it hurts to look at myself in the mirror. I want to date and have sex and be 20, and my appearance is really interfering with it. ... So, how do I get over my ugliness and live a happy, full life?”

There were more than a hundred responses, basically falling into four categories: 1) It’s no big deal: Your objective appearance will not matter as much as the prevailing culture will try to tell you. 2) Everyone is beautiful; no one is unattractive or ugly. 3) Confidence and carriage creates beauty: Be proud, and you will be beautiful. 4) You’re scrood. I am ugly, too, and my life is hell.

Okay, here’s the poll.

Take the poll and join Gene Weingarten as he discusses this and more in his live chat Tuesday, May 29 at Noon ET. Submit your questions and opinions for him to respond to now.