Today’s poll is about Secrets. We will define a Secret as some fact about yourself, past or current, that few if any other people know, and that you wish to keep hidden. A Secret, by our definition, must be universal: If you don’t want your boss to know you smoke pot socially, or you don’t want your ma to know you are gay, that is not a Secret, so long as there are others who know it quite well. If you are gay and NO ONE knows except your lover, that’s a secret. A secret must be really private, and of some significance to you: Something you really don’t want most people to know. It could conceivably be about someone other than you, but only if you had a stake in it -- if you would personally be embarrassed / upset if it were known (ex: you met your wife in a brothel.)

If you answered no to the first question, your work here is done. You may go back to your admirable, squeaky-clean life. Please take the second poll, and then join us for the chat, which by the way has been pushed back to 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

Everyone else: If you have more than one Secret, for the remainder of this poll, address the one that is MOST secret, the one you’d be MOST concerned about if people found out.