If you haven’t already, take Gene’s Super Bowl ad polls.

Okay, this was a slightly weaker than typical year, but two of these ads stand above the rest. Either choice would be right. They are “Eew, gross” and “Apocalypse.” Both are quite inventive, without mining old territory. The first is laugh out loud funny, with terrific acting. The “So gross” girl manages to deliver her line so flatly her lips don’t move. Apocalypse is both visually arresting and really daring. Have you ever seen an ad whose laugh engine is the extinction of mankind? Ford = Death. Wow.

Coming in third is hockey: A classy ad, beautifully done, wonderfully inventive. Less funny than moving. But very moving.

Reinvention was a good idea done well, but some of those reinventions were lame. A blender that plays Lionel Ritchie?

I am losing enthusiasm for ads that play off the nostalgia of old themes; there is a tedium to them, even when executed excellently, such as Seinfeld. A good ad, not a great ad. Also, the long, tedious Ferris Beuller homage. Also, the dog and Darth Vader, which adds the sin of cute animals. How about a moratorium on cute animals? (For that reason, Mr. Quiggly, the race dog, is not even on this list.)

Vampires: Strained and obvious.

Dead cat: Cute animals. Painfully stupid. The second worst.

Weakest? Pee in pool. Disgusting, basically. Anxiety-ridden. Plus, what’s it an ad for? Do you even remember?