View Photo Gallery: The WHCD was fun, and Hollywood and capital power brokers keep mingling late into the night.

Barack Obama and Jimmy Kimmel brought top-quality jokes to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner speeches.

If the night of the WHCD is about fashionable celebrities hobnobbing with members of the political media, by Monday morning the focus shifts to the jokes, and there were some good ones.

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The president and the late night talk show host were each quite funny. But who was better?

Below are videos of each of their speeches, and we pulled out some of the best jokes to make it easier for you to enjoy.

Catch up on the jabs, and then help us decide who was the funniest man at the WHCD.

Jimmy Kimmel cracked jokes about the president, the Secret Service scandal and more. Here’s full video of his speech:

Best jokes:

* “You can see how lazy we have become by the way we protest. ... We used to march, now we occupy.

* “Did Rupert Murdoch hack into all my jokes already?”

* “Supercommittees are to committees what Supercuts are to hair cuts.”

President Obama made fun of politicians, guests and, of course, himself. Here’s his speech:

Best jokes:

* “[Hillary Clinton] won’t stop drunk texting me from Cartagena”

* “My mother was born in Kansas, my father was born in Kenya, and I was born, of course, in Hawaii.” *Wink*

* “I have a lot more material prepared, but I have to get the Secret Service home in time for their new curfew.”

So, we ask: Who was funnier? Vote below and tell us your favorite jokes in the comments.

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