(Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)

So, for Mother’s Day, we’re soliciting mom quotes! Share yours using the hashtag #momtoldme or leave a comment below.

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Here are some of our staffers’ mom stories to help get you started:

“There’s a lid for every pot” — Everyone has a mate no matter how odd they might seem, according to the mother of senior social media producer TJ Ortenzi.

“How ya be?” — That’s how engagement producer Bethonie Butler’s grandmother answers the phone.

“I’ve got enough friends. I’m your mother.” — Newsroom administrator Alma Gill’s mom would share this with her.

Politics social media editor Natalie Jennings says the worst thing her mom can say about someone or something is a one-word phrase: “tacky.”

Finally, consider this interaction between engagement producer Haley Crum and her mom:

Mom: I heard you’re sick. LOL.

Haley: Do you know what LOL means?

Mom: Lots of love.