Congress left town without agreeing to extend a federal payroll tax holiday, meaning 160 million Americans will pay more to the government starting Jan. 1 unless there are new talks. President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner blame each other for the failure to avert the hike. Who do you think is most responsible?

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Never in my lifetime has one major Party seemed to be so indifferent of the affects of their behavior on the whole country. It’s really a unique situation. I would hope that the American people would start to replace these people with people who have consciences instead a fixation upon having their way no matter what. But that is unlikely.

— spectator1

Republicans have just lost their “tax cutting” brand to President Obama. They have also just reaffirmed what the OWS crowd has been fighting all along--that the Republican Congress just cares of the wealthiest one percent.

— martinmorones1962

If Obama had a spine, he would be sending a strong and angry message to the Democrats to get their butts back to Washington and finish the job they left hanging … a job that should have been completed months ago, but delayed as a political ploy which has only served to create an additional burden on businesses that are caught in the middle of this stupid Congressional ruse.

— asmith1