For a day that only comes around every four years, Leap Day doesn’t have a lot of cause for celebration.

Sure, those Leaplings get a chance to celebrate the actual day they were born, and women in Ireland get a chance to trap men into holy matrimony, a Leap Year tradition.

But we still have to work.  We still go to school.  We still do whatever we would be doing on what would be March 1 in the Leap Year off season.

If we only had the day off!  Leap Year is just an extra calendar day anyway.  No one would notice if everyone took this day off to relax a little. It’s a freebie...right?

Gene Weingarten addressed this topic in his live chat with readers yesterday: 

Are you going to be at work on Wednesday?
Yeah? Why?
That was how I began a column exactly four years ago. It was about a high school English teacher named Karl J. Savage, a very funny man who was trying to start an unusual national movement. Karl believed no one should work on Feb 29, the quadrennial Leap Day, unless they wanted to. Since it was an extra calendar day, he felt it should be ours to pilot.

Karl didn’t seem daunted that the two Nobel Laureates I consulted dumped on his plan, since it wasn’t an “extra” day so much as a timekeeping correction in planetary physics, and because most people are paid weekly or bi-weekly, and so are actually paid for the day. What Karl had on his side was humor and the philosophical intensity of righteous indignation: Working an extra day every four years just seemed wrong to him. He persuaded me to write the column about his poorly financed, haphazardly administrated “No Work On Leap Day Revolution.” The revolution never took hold. It was one of the few busts in my august career as a columnist.

Weingarten then touches on a renewed interest in “No Work On Leap Day Revolution” (check out this Facebook page dedicated to the cause), and his column on Leap Day that was shot down by his editor, who he so lovingly calls “Tom the Butcher.”

Now we want your take on the topic. Should Leap Day be a free day?

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Read the full transcript of Gene’s chat, in which he talks about Leap Day, poop, politics, his new shirt, and more.