Google’s new privacy policy kicks in March 1 and some users are taking to the site to clear their search history in advance of the date. Google stores its users’ searches and browsing history and, according to the company, the data will be used for customized advertising.

However, Google also serves as a sort of search diary, showing you what was on your mind at various points in your life.

Before you delete your Google history, we want to know what your bizarre Google searches were. For instance, some of my personal searches (see below) include “leopard board shorts,” “Roddy Piper fight” and “eyeliner and cigarettes”— the latter to identify the lyrics stuck in my head at that moment (It was Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.” Thanks Google.)

To find your search history, go to and if you’ve opted in, you will see your searches going back months or even years. Share some of your most awkward, random, or just plain weird finds in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #stupidgooglesearches.

Here’s what you’ve said so far:

@washingtonpost “how big is whale poop” #stupidgooglesearches

— Shanna (@stuckintheurl) February 29, 2012

@washingtonpost “How much money does Ron Howard’s brother make” #stupidgooglesearches

— Brian Mook (@what_a_mook) February 29, 2012

”Google” RT @washingtonpost: Before you clear your Google history, tell us past #stupidgooglesearches

— Brad Benson (@badbrad002) February 29, 2012