The House voted to reject a bipartisan measure to extend a payroll tax cut for two months, instead requesting a conference with Senate negotiators. Taxes would increase for 160 million workers on Jan. 1 if an extension isn’t passed. What do you think? Should Congress extend the payroll tax cut? Vote in the poll below and back up your vote in the comments.

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Cantor doesn’t realize that the majority of working class American families do indeed live month to month. The $100 dollars a month the average American has gained by the temporary reduction in withholding is the gas bill, the electric bill, the phone bill and any extra spending that working class folks have had for a year. Way to go Republicans, you again have proved your worth. Zero.

— army164

These dramatic last minute decisions are getting really old. I guess the House is just trying to pad its own self importance. John Boehner has a hard time convincing me that he and his party know the first thing about leading this nation. Obviously the middle class needs a tax break next year and obviously taxes need to be raised on wealthiest Americans who have received record profits in the last ten years.

— denver13

The war on the middle class is robbing their social security to pay for their tax cut, while denying a job-creating project that Obama has already agreed to.

Congress is a mess.

— Benson