For today’s update, an extremely geeky football instapoll. Please ignore this if you are not a pretty knowledgeable football fan.

Okay, so, In the closing minutes of Sunday’s game between the Giants and the Packers, Packers coach Mike McCarthy made a decision that Steve Buttry, the fine journo blogger, feels was wrong. I feel it was right. We disagreed on Twitter. Now you be the judge.

The fact that the Packers won the game is irrelevant to this purely strategic question.

So, the Packers had just scored a touchdown with about three minutes to go in the game, putting them seven points ahead of the Giants. They chose to kick the extra point, instead of going for the two-point conversion. I say McCarthy was right, and Buttry is wrong. The details of the attendant gambles are for you to consider: If the Pack had failed on the two-point attempt, the Gents would have still only tied with a touchdown and extra point, throwing the game into OT. But if the Pack had made the two-pointer, the game would have become a two-possession game, putting it pretty well out of reach for the Gents.

My argument is that Buttry is underestimating the difficulty of a two-point conversion, and that if you consider same, McCarthy’s decision was sound.