In the last several months in Twitter, under the hashtag #annotatingweiner, I have been taking it upon myself to take Anthony Weiner’s self-serving political tweets, and adding adolescent double entendres.

Basically, I am making fun of his gall at daring to run for mayor not very long after being forced from his Congressional office in a sexting scandal. 

Here is an example:

I got some inflation happening right here, pal.

@anthonyweiner Indexing city tax rates to inflation is my Idea 64


Here is another: 

So “Idea 36” is your pet name for it now?

@anthonyweiner Speaking of smoking in the city, check out idea 36.


Anyway, I recently got mildly upbraided about this by my good friend The Empress, who contended that in the rogue’s gallery of inappropriate behavior by a politician, Weiner’s infractions are barely misdemeanors. She made her case well. My question to you is: Should I second-guess my snark? 

By way of summary, Mr. Weiner (who is married) spent many months having spirited flirtatious exchanges of emails, tweets, phonesexinessand pictures with some hotties he had never met.   Here is a devastating reading-aloud of one exchange, featuring Bill Maher and Jane Lynch.  WARNING THIS IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING SAFE FOR WORK

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