Here are three photos of how I parked in front of my house on Sunday morning after a visit to the hardware store. (There were no other convenient spots.)

Photo 1

Photo 2


The cranberry car is mine. It required four forward-and-back maneuvers; in the end, the clearance front and back measured a total of three quarters of an inch. It was necessary to lightly tap bumpers front and behind, and move the cars slightly within the play of their suspensions. Not a scratch to either bumper.

Obviously, this has been a subject discussed before in this chat. I even wrote a column about it. But here we have visual evidence, and a poll.

You should know that in this case, the car behind me was the last in the block, and so had ample room to back out of the spot. The car in front of me had about 18 inches clearance in front of him, so leaving his spot would have required some maneuvering, but was not odious.