View Photo Gallery: Mugly is a star. Look at those beady eyes!

On Sunday, a Chinese Crested named Mugly (pictured above) claimed “victory” at the 24th annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest in Northern California.

But as a reader pointed out on our Facebook page, there is “no such thing as an ugly dog!” Yes, we love our pets — even if they’re not the best looking.

So, we ask: Have an ugly pet that you love? Share a photo with us.

You can use Twitter or Instagram to send them to us. All you have to do is include the hashtag #UglyPets in your your tweet or photo caption to send your photo to us. We’ll feature the best photos on the site.

Note: Using the hashtag means you have permission to send them to us ( you took them) and you allow us to use the photos on, on our social media accounts, or in print.

Here are a few of our favorites:


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