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I grew up with a healthy fear of twisters. My mother was raised in Kansas City, Mo., smack-dab in the middle of the nation's tornado alley, and instilled a strong respect for Mother Nature within me. So I take the warnings very seriously, and this morning has been nothing short of nerve-wracking. Some guy at a party last night tried to tell me that he thinks weather services go overboard with their alerts. Okay, buddy, you can gamble with that. I'll play it safe. The Post's Clarence Williams and Martin Weil report on the latest, and the Capital Weather Gang has full coverage.

Beyond the obvious sadness of a teenager getting stabbed at a family event , Monday's incident at the National Zoo brought up other logistical questions. Reports out of Woodley Park were that the event was jam-packed, a situation that can be of concern even without the threat of violence. The Post's Allison Klein and Nikita Stewart report that D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said publicly yesterday that the Family Day assault was an indication that there needs to be more coordination between law enforcement agencies when it comes to festivals and large events. That seems obvious, but it probably needed to be said.

The Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center is finally becoming the one-stop entertainment hub it promised it would be when it opened. The hotel, restaurant, condo, waterfront combination facility will house the National Children's Museum come 2013, and Gaylord has now inked a deal with DreamWorks animation to bring the characters Shrek, Po from "Kung Fu Panda," and Alex the Lion from "Madagascar" to National Harbor, The Post's Ovetta Wiggins reports. Once that place gets some more things for adults to do, it'll be aces in my book.

I still can't believe that the White House released President Obama's birth certificate yesterday. I realize that the "birther" movement is very real, but come on. What kind of Commander-in-Chief puts himself in a position where it looks like Donald Trump is steering your agenda? That aside, the whole birth certificate situation overshadowed what were a couple of very important national security moves Wednesday. Slate's John Dickerson called Tuesday "the Most [recent] Embarrassing Moment in American Political Discourse."

Albert Haynesworth is one gutsy dude. Aside from his antics on the football field regarding physical fitness, work ethic and sportsmanship, the guy has found himself in court again, and isn't backing down. The Redskins' defensive lineman was offered a plea deal on a charge of misdemeanor sexual abuse, stemming from a situation at the W Hotel in February. If he wants to fight the accusation, fair enough. But the real eye-opener from The Post's Keith Alexander is in the details of the case. Apparently, in an interview after the alleged incident, the man known as "Fat Albert" pulled the misogyny card and the race card at the same time. Wow.

Extra Bites

• As the digital world of communication expands, the rules of etiquette for polite exchange get trickier. I, for example, can't stand people who treat chat windows like term papers. Chew smaller bites, kids. Slate's tech columnist Farhad Manjoo and advice columnist Emily Yaffe have debuted a new podcast called "Manners for the Digital Age." This is a GREAT idea.

• I don't know what Nate Dogg would have thought of this if he were still with us, but apparently Warren G is hocking male enhancement pills, and is dropping the "regulate" bomb in them, no less.

• There are two parts to this Metro site: the fun one and the other one. Here's the lame way. You can figure out the cool part.

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