The Arlington County Board unanimously passed its $1 billion fiscal 2012 budget at Saturday’s meeting.

The budget maintains the current real estate tax rate of 95.8 cents per $100 of a property’s assessed value. The average homeowner’s tax bill will increase by $90 once sewer fees, property taxes and other fees are added.

“The recession is just not over,” said board chairman Christopher Zimmerman (D). “Our budget this year reflects that.”

The budget also reflects some fiscal recovery, too, he said.

Higher assessments and increased revenue projections led to $19.6 million more than expected when County Manager Barbara Donnellan proposed her budget earlier this year.

With those extra funds, the board added money to services for the low-income, homeless and mentally ill. They also increased allocations to schools, restored some library hours and replenished park maintenance funds.

The budget includes $385.6 million for public schools. A combination of local, state and federal funds will mean a 9 percent increase for the school system’s budget this year, board member Barbara Favola (D) said.

Arlington boasts an $18,000 per student cost, board member Mary Hynes said. Of that, the county pays $17,000, she said.

The County Board increased funding for Northern Virginia Community College from $1 per student to $1.25, 25 cents less than the college requested. The school will get $265,000 in fiscal 2012.

A $2 court fee and $20 increase in community garden fees proposed in Donnellan’s budget were not passed by the board.