Aid to repair earthquake damage in Louisa County has exceeded $5 million, the Associated Press reports.

A total of $5.1 million in federal disaster aid has been approved for expenses including housing repair costs, temporary rental assistance, medical and dental assistance, and repairs to damaged schools, according to the AP.

Mineral, Va., in Louisa County, was the epicenter of the 5.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked the Washington area and much of the East Coast on Aug. 23.

Subsequent aftershocks that hit Louisa County added to the damage to homes, businesses and public buildings.

The $5 million in aid is a fraction of what Gov. Robert McDonnell (R) has requested.

In October, the Federal Emergency Management Agency turned down Virginia’s request for $15 million in disaster funds.

But an appeal by the governor that same month upped the request to $22.4 million to aid the owners of more than 1,400 homes — very few of them insured against earthquakes — that were damaged, according to McDonnell’s office.

In a separate request, McDonnell asked for $31 million to help repair or replace schools.