A $5 million class-action lawsuit has been filed against the managers of Georgetown’s Washington Harbour following the flood there that swamped restaurants, shops and a parking garage.

D.C.-based law firm Mason LLP brought the suit on behalf of Charles Holcomb, a bartender at Farmers & Fishers, and any other business, retailer or worker that lost money.

Attorney George Mason said some Harbour workers have expressed interest in the lawsuit, but, so far, none of the hard-hit restaurants have signed on.

The suit accuses MRP Realty of negligence for failing to raise floodgates that are normally put in place when flooding is expected on the Potomac River. Ten to 12 feet of water gushed into some ground-level businesses on April 18, according to fire officials.

MRP Realty officials declined to comment on the lawsuit. In a statement released Wednesday, MRP said it expected to finish cleaning up the property by the end of the weekend. It could much longer for some of the affected businesses to reopen.