Cops in Md. are using hidden cameras to catch car thieves. An unusal protest rolls into D.C. and parents in Frederick complain a textbook is slanted. These are the morning headlines from around the region.


Arlington relaxes rules for farmers markets

Schools chief to tell principals to back off teachers

Looming disability changes underscore weakened union negotiations


D.C. Convention Authority takes snappy new name

Pepco shows off improvements at storm drill

Covered wagon demonstration reaches D.C.

Fire department offers fireworks amnesty

Apple store on auction block?

Employees, 2 others arrested in Dunkin’ Donuts robbery

D.C. cop: Gallons of dangerous date rape drug mailed to Georgetown

More arrests in $3M cocaine bust


D.C. looking for $250,000 lottery winner


Third-grade textbook slants left, parents say

Va. man charged with child endangerment for leaving 4-year-old home alone

Baltimore Sun

Using hidden cameras to catch car thieves

Cheating, tampering found in Baltimore schools