Correction: The headline on earlier versions of this item incorrectly implied that the Public Charter School Board voted to close the entire Ideal Academy Public Charter School. The board approved a proposal to close the academy’s high school but keep its elementary and middle schools open. This version has been updated.

The D.C. Public Charter School Board voted Monday night to close Ideal Academy Public Charter high school, citing chronic low performance.

The academy’s elementary and middle school will stay open, but with increased monitoring from the Charter School Board, said Audrey Williams, the board’s spokeswoman. Board members had originally proposed to revoke the charter for the entire academy, but then opted to approve a last-minute proposal by the academy to close only its high school.

“There was a clear distinction between the performance of the lower school and the high school,” said Board member Emily Bloomfield. “I hope that the school’s leadership will be able to redouble their efforts on the lower grades and show even more growth.”

A March 30 letter to the Ideal Academy’s chairman outlined concerns about the school’s curriculum, technology, and special education programs. It also called the high school’s test results “dismal,” ranging in the 25th to 35th percentile and dropping slightly in recent years. Test results in the lower grades were better but still below the 50th percentile.

The Board also voted to revoke the charter for Nia Community Public Charter School in April due to low performance, and Thea Bowman Preparatory Academy Public Charter School relinquished its charter.