A dining room table, two computer monitors, a deep fryer and a hot plate were among the items scattered Thursday morning in front of the house that was once home to Brentwood’s mayor.

The contents from the rented home of Brentwood Mayor Xzavier Montgomery-Wright were placed on the sidewalk after her eviction. (Hamil R. Harris)

Xzavier Montgomery-Wright had fallen behind in her rent for the 37th Place house, the Associated Press reported. She owes about $7,400 in rent, said her landlord Earl Lowe. On Wednesday, Montgomery-Wright’s belongings were placed on the sidewalk in front of the house.

An area businessman, who declined to give his name, came by Wednesday morning and began to pick up some of the items.

Montgomery-Wright could not be reached for comment. Town Clerk Melora Anderson said she couldn’t say anything.

In March, Montgomery-Wright was censured by Brentwood’s town council for the unauthorized use of a town debit card to pay personal expenses. Montgomery-Wright is running for a second term but cannot serve as mayor if she is not a resident of Brentwood.

The election is May 2.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.