Calvert County residents who live within 100 feet of the cliffs along the Chesapeake Bay have been ordered to evacuate their homes as Hurricane Irene's high winds and heavy rains ramp up along the Maryland shoreline.

"We worry that the ground may become unstable,” said Donita Boonchaisri, a spokesperson for the Calvert County Commissioners office. "These cliffs have a history of falling in situations like this."

Boonchaisri, out of breath and soaking wet, said last year a nor'easter managed to destabilize the cliff, causing chunks to topple into the bay below. She said there were no injuries, but there was property damage. Weather conditions have already begun deteriorating in Calvert County, about 50 miles southeast of Washington, D.C., and Boonchaisri noted that the hurricane would likely be rougher than the nor'easter. "We want to make sure nobody gets hurt," she said.

Temporary shelters inland are now open at Huntingtown High School in Huntingtown, Southern Middle School in Lusby and Calvert High School in Prince Frederick. Click here for more information.